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Halfway Park


During the construction of a new £7.7 million primary school in Scotland, the main contractor required an edge protection system which offered rapid installation, flexibility, and would keep the workers safe. The Steel Mesh Barrier from COMBISAFE provided the optimum safety solution.

Built on the site of a disused park pavilion in Halfway Park Cambuslang, the new primary school is being built by Kier Group using a fast track steel stud frame system (SFS) which is fixed as infill between the main structural frame members and provides a carrier for insulation, exterior cladding and interior wallboard.

Working at an early design stage with Kier Group and the steel contractor, COMBISAFE was able to understand their needs and ensure the edge protection was designed into the structure.   This involved the design of a special flange socket into which the 1800mm Adjustable Safety Posts could be installed, and thus the Steel Mesh Barriers.

In order to safeguard the SFS, the Steel Mesh Barriers were placed on the inside of the structure by pre drilling onto the inside of the steel flange beam.  This allowed the socket to be bolted with the plastic sleeve being placed over the socket protecting the Adjustable Safety Post when installed.  The entire process minimised work at height and helped ensure the decking process remained on schedule.

‘Working with COMBISAFE meant we could design the safety solution into the structure and see how it fully coordinates with the building fabric,’ said Richard Molyneux, Project Manager, Kier Group. ‘We’ve been delighted with COMBISAFE and wouldn’t hesitate to use them again.’

The Steel Mesh Barrier is a guardrail, toeboard and steel mesh rolled into one.  This proven and popular solution for systemised edge protection is manufactured in the EU and is fully compliant with EN 13374 Class A, B and C.

With the steel frame now complete, COMBISAFE has ensured the school remains on track for completion by the new school year in September 2013.

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