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At the $8 billion development of Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah Financial District – the world’s first major financial district of the 21st century – leaders in temporary collective protection, COMBISAFE, has supplied a range of solutions to ensure the highest standards of health and safety are delivered across many of the site’s 40 multi-storey towers.

Developed by Rayadah Investment Company, the investment arm of the government's Public Pension Agency, the King Abdullah Financial District is part of a $400 billion investment programme to be delivered over the next ten years. When complete in 2015, the 1.6 million square metre development will host many of the world’s most successful banks, financial institutions and professional service companies.

With almost complete multi-storey buildings next to foundations where piling work has yet to begin, the multi-year project is a logistical challenge. As so many trades work across clusters of buildings, proven edge protection and fall safety systems were vital to ensure optimum safety at all times. For this reason, COMBISAFE provided a number of safety solutions including Steel Mesh Barriers, Multi Mesh Barriers, Safety Net Fans and the ingenious Preston™ SUPERDECK™ Platforms.

A total of 1450 Steel Mesh Barriers and Multi Mesh Barriers were supplied by COMBISAFE which provides guardrail, toeboard and debris mesh in one product. Designed with closed return for increased levels of containment, the Steel Mesh Barrier offers hard-mesh coverage with impact absorbing capacity. The Multi Mesh Barrier weights just 16kg and has a larger mesh size allowing operatives to reach through and work without removing the barrier.

To protect workers from falling debris whilst high level construction is carried out, COMBISAFE Safety Net Fans were used. Offering a projection of 3.3 metres, the Safety Net Fan will absorb falls from up to 6 metres. With a mesh porosity of 60 x 60mm and with an extra fine 20 x 20mm debris net as standard, they can catch and contain considerably smaller particles of debris and therefore offer complete protection for people at ground level.

COMBISAFE also supplied 18 Preston™ SUPERDECK™ platforms – the most efficient way to deliver heavy building materials anywhere on site. Extending 4.5m out from the side of the building to ensure easy crane access, the platform can be extended or retracted by one person and is rated for a universally distributed safe working load (SWL) of 5 tonnes.

Set for completion in 2015, the King Abdullah Financial District has shown how a range of innovative and comprehensive safety solutions from COMBISAFE helped to deliver the highest standards of health and safety – at one of the most challenging and complex construction sites in the world.