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UBIX® Temporary Roof

Versatile, efficient and safe - the UBIX system meets the needs and requirements of virtually all temporary roofing projects. Used again and again by experienced contractors, it is the market-proven, economical temporary roofing solution that doesn't compromise on performance or safety.

The UBIX temporary roof system has been developed by Combisafe International, the leading provider of safety at height solutions. Suitable for projects of all sizes, UBIX delivers outstanding on-site weather protection for a variety of applications including commercial buildings, housing, infrastructure, restoration, events or transportation.

Lightweight, but robust, the UBIX system consists of all-aluminium beams and bracing elements. In fact, at just 8kg per square metre it's the lightest temporary roofing solution on the market. However, when combining the modular frame system with its tensioned weatherproof Keder sheeting, the system offers superior strength and durability. Whether for a short term summer project or extended use in extreme weather conditions such as rain, wind and snow, UBIX stands up to the challenge.

Like all solutions from Combisafe, UBIX has been designed with safety as the top priority, enabling the roofing installation to be completed from the scaffold. This eliminates the need for workers to be on the roof, subsequently removing the working at height risk. As such, UBIX fits perfectly with the company ethos of designing solutions that eliminate or minimise the risk of working at height.

For an even more efficient erection process and easier opening of the roof, the solution is the addition of the UBIX RunWay system. Using custom-designed roller wheels, with a safe working load of 3500kg, it allows all erection work to be carried out from safe, guarded working platforms at a gable end, from which fully-assembled roof bays are rolled out easily into position along the track. When roofs need to open, even large scale UBIX structures can be quickly and safely rolled by this method to allow for plant, equipment and materials to be craned in and out of building as required - with safety once more a key aspect at all stages of design.

When choosing the lightweight UBIX system, scaffolders can benefit from its quick and easy handling and erection. Requiring no specialist tools or lifting gear, it can be managed at height by a relatively small team, with boltless fixings and loose components eliminated, as all parts snap together for a rapid assembly process.

The modular system is highly versatile and can be used to create a variety of spans including asymmetric, symmetric, mono pitch and arch spans, depending on a project's individual requirements. But its versatility doesn't stop there as UBIX has been designed to integrate with traditional scaffold solutions, to enable the utilisation of existing stock and subsequently minimise unnecessary expenditure.

With a choice of bay widths - 2.07m, 2.57m and 3.07m - and two beam depths of 45cm or 78cm, UBIX allows for totally bespoke solutions to meet cost and span requirements. Due to its innovative structure and engineered approach, UBIX has the ability to create very large spans of up to 40 metres and more.

For more than two decades, Combisafe International has set the standard in safety at height technology, delivering preventative and protective systems for the construction industry. With the innovative UBIX system, part of the company's comprehensive range of safe scaffolding and access solutions, this market-proven expertise has been utilised to provide a temporary roofing solution that offers new heights in versatility, speed and safety.